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29380 NE Owls Lane, Newberg, 349-8341, longbrewing.com. By appointment only.

Engineers make great brewers. Retired electrical engineer Paul Long is another example of this. After a string of impressive wins at homebrew competitions—he received one of the American Homebrewers Association’s top honors, the Ninkasi Award, for his Vienna-style Lager and Kölsch—he took five gold-medal recipes into commercial production. Long makes seven different beers on a three-and-a-half-barrel, all-steam system of his own design. Long’s bestseller is the IPA, possibly followed by Paul’s Porter. “I call it that not because I’m vain, but because it’s not to style, but it’s exactly the way I like it.” Completely self-distributed, Long’s beers are found in high-end outlets, including the Painted Lady in Newberg and Portland boutiques such as Pastaworks and Cheese Bar. BRIAN YAEGER.

Drink this: Paul’s Porter goes beyond the limits of a classic porter without venturing into a chocolate or Imperial porter with amped-up roast quality and alcohol kick. The prodigious cocoa and coffee notes result purely from his selection of 11 malts.

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"I love the handcrafted beers of Paul Long from Newberg, particularly his Linda's Lager. It's great for pairing with food." -Chef Allen Routt, Painted Lady Restaurant